Strut Channel Roll Forming Machine

This is a strut channel roll forming machine is capable of producing unistrut size:41x21, 41x41, 41x52, thickness range1.5-2.5mm. This line equipped with a Yangli brand JH21-80T punch press, which makes the hole line working speed up to 16m/min, maximize your production capacity.
28 forming stations make ribbed strut, which gives more strength and a hobbing roller makes teeth, which match the nut perfectly during mounting.
The whole machine adopts cast iron structure and uses gearbox transmission. Under high-speed production we also put cooling system to prolong the machine's life.
At the shearing section we use a tracking saw, which improves productivity. Throughout the production process, there is no downtime for the forming part.
This roll forming machine is to produce 41x41 strut. It has a fixed machine structure, 60mm thickness cast iron stands with gearbox drive, hydraulic post cutting can reduce b
This strut channel roll forming machine is specially for panel thickness 1.5mm. The whole line we use 22mm thickness wall panel structure, which can reduce machine's cost. The decoiler and leveler in this video can save the space.


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