Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

This is Linbay's profile manufacturing work shop. Besides of roll forming machines, we sell steel profiles in a big quantity as well.In this video, we show you a Z-section roll forming machine working line. This Z section profile is used for solar photovoltaic mounting as support rack.
The machine uses the decoiler with leveler, which has a better leveling effect and saves space.
This hydraulic punching system uses high-pressure hydraulic punching, and the punching speed is fast.With 5 independent oil cylinders, it has high flexibility and can diversify the hole patterns.There is a waste bin under each cylinder to ensure a clean working area and recycle scrap metal.
The marking machine can engrave the batch number and date for each product, which is convenient for product traceability.
This storage rack is suitable for customers who are inconvenient to dig pits. Pre-storing materials with a storage rack can ensure fast production speed.
There is a lubrication system before entering the roll forming machine, which can effectively prevent the product from scratching.
The roll former is cast iron structure with the thickness of 60mm.
The high strength of the mainframe ensures that the production of thick panels at high speed is still stable.
The cutting method uses flying cutting. There is no need to stop the production process to ensure the highest production capacity.


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